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Writing The Last Page

Either today or tomorrow, some will be writing their last page. Don’t rush it. As exhilarating as it is, make sure it’s a page you’ll be happy with for longer than the next few minutes.

Two pages of your book will be read, more than any other, the first and last page. Some readers want to look at the front page. A number of readers will head right for the back, to decide if journey is worth it.

In writing the last page, ask yourself, did you complete the story you promised the reader in the beginning? If not, why? It’s a wonderful question to lead into your next draft. You can correct what went wrong, or build in the things to turn your book into a series.

The last paragraph is your chance to give the reader a gift. It’s not only about being memorable, but giving them attachment to your story. Whenever possible, I like to leave them with happiness and hope. Whatever you give them, may define your book, and could be motivation towards their next adventure.

Also, it’s important to know, it’s your story’s last page, not yours, or the readers. As important as it is to you, don’t overthink it. It can be rewritten. Also there are more chapters, both in life, and your career to write. Your reader has other adventures waiting as well. At the same time, if your story has a good ending, both they and you, may revisit the last page often, finding in it a lifelong friend.

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