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Writing Completion

I chose the word completion, because it doesn’t indicate that you’re finished, but that you’ve completed the hardest part of the writing, the rough draft. Editing, first, second, and final drafts are all important, but they need a rough draft to build on. You’ve completed the foundation of your writing project.

Framing, structural elements, and finishing touches will follow, but you should celebrate what you just accomplished. You have written. Whether it’s a short story, non fictional essay, or a full novel, you’re an author.

My advice, take a day and enjoy this. Then take at least a week, and let yourself rest. Give yourself fresh eyes, so that when it is time to return to your project, you’ll be rested, refreshed, and re-energized.

Completion means the action, or process of finishing something, as in constructing a building. You’re at a level of writing today, that you’ve dreamed about for years, maybe even decades. You’ve shown yourself what you can accomplish with hard work, and a little encouragement.

You may or may not write other things, but ask yourself this now. What else, beyond writing, can you accomplish? In life, opportunities and challenges exist everyday. I would like to encourage you now, to go out and write your future.

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