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Comet And Cupid

Each of Saint Nicholas’ Reindeer has a story. Comet and Cupid’s tale points to some other companions of the man who became Santa Claus.

There was a young soldier who fought for the honor of the kingdom. He stood against mighty warriors. Along with his sword, and steed, became famous throughout the land. Kristopher Nicholas also grew tired of battles, he wanted something other than war.

One day, the King’s son, was sick. Kris took his mighty sword and carved a toy castle for him. The child loved it. Soon all of the children wanted a toy. Cupid his sword, once known for battle, was now famous for happiness.

He would deliver the growing bag of toys, in a sleigh pulled by Comet. When the soldier turned toy maker, and his one horse open sleigh, arrived children smiled. Soon every one knew Comet and Cupid.

When Kris beard had started to turn from red to white, the king’s son was now king, with a little boy of his own. An entire generation had grown up with the toy maker, and not the soldier. One enemy of the new king, also a recipient of the Claus, their word for toy maker, kidnapped the King.

Kris mounted his noble steed, sheathed his mighty Cupid on his side once more, and rode towards battle. On the way, he thought of the Duke, as he had been as a small boy. The toy he had first given him, was a wooden horse modeled on Comet. It gave Kris an idea.

The Duke, our of respect, rode out alone to greet Kris. “Am I meeting the toy maker, or the soldier? I’m not a wicked man Claus, the kingdom needs reform, and the king is young.”

Claus smiled. “As are you, but as for me, age is my companIon. Rather than war, I bring a bargain. I would not allow, either the King or his brother, your father, to pay for the toys I brought every year. Now I ask a price, release your cousin, make peace, and work together. You too expect a son soon I hear.”

The Duke smiled at the man who had brought so much happiness to so many. “For you Claus, I would, but my men follow strength, if only there was… Toy maker I will pay your price for toys, if you will pay mine. I will give you the King for Comet and Cupid.”

Claus smiled. “I will give you Comet, and the king Cupid. You will work together to save the kingdom, you are family.”

The Duke, who secretly regretted his course of action, agreed. Claus, the King, and the Duke rode together to the Castle. The three talking on the journey, discovering the cousins were not so far away from agreement. Thanks to the toy maker they made peace, working together to reform the kingdom.

They gave Claus a title, Santa, which in their language, meant Peacemaker. In a ceremony, the cousins presented their benefactor with a gift from the kingdom. Two young reindeer to pull his sleigh.

Comet was pastured in the Duke’s stable, enjoying a peaceful life. Cupid sheathed above the hall of counsel, now a symbol of unity. Santa would not disturb them, but could think of no better names than they.

Nine would eventually join his team, but the first of these were not the young Dasher and Dancer. Nor were they the swift Donner and Blitzen, the twins Prancer and Vixen, or the glowing Rudolph. They were Comet and Cupid, gifts to Santa Claus, from the entire kingdom known as Kringle.

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