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Dec Thirty … First

For some of us December 31, is viewed as the end of the year. For others, like Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Ben Kingsley, it’s the anniversary of their very first day. The 31 is their birthday, and the last day of their year.

Many this 12/31 will talk about the newness of tomorrow, and it will be grand. Yet, like our birthday members, today can be our Day One. We don’t have to wait until tomorrow to begin a new way of life.

Today, we can walk away from something, either harmful, or not in our best interest. We can start walking towards a better future before the noisemakers, and confetti. Our celebration can be, not the turning of the clock, but the turning of our outlook, attitude, and commitment.

Even in its name, the thirty first holds two dates, the thirty, and the first. An ending and a beginning, much like the promise we are given each morning. How we approach the day, not the calendar, determines what it represents in our lives.

Don’t wait til tomorrow to have your new day. Today is here, make it the first day of a new outlook. One based, not on the calendar, but on the opportunity it holds. December 31 could give birth to a whole new you!

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