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Step In Time

Step in time, it’s the title of a song from Mary Poppins. It’s sung by Dick Van Dyke, playing Bert the Chimney Sweep. It also strikes me, as what today is, for all of us.

My son Nicholas step in time, is holding onto things, planning for the day he doesn’t have to hold on any longer. My step in time is to lead him safely forward. This day is the first step in time, of 2020, a new year, and a new decade.

What does the future hold? What will be the stories that unfold? Neither of us can answer that question today, we can only make a step in time today, towards something. What we can do, is choose how we step in time.

Some follow the next line, never need a reason. Many just step, without any plans for the future. I’m far from the greatest planner. Yet I definitely believe you need to, not only step in time, but take the time to plan ahead.

Others follow the next phrase, never need a rhyme. Rhyme is not only defined as words of similar sounds, to be in accord. These people make plans, but do so without any harmony in their lives. While being driven is important, many are driven with only themselves in mind.

I believe that life is in harmony, when you have a foundation of Faith, family, friends, and a forward purpose. Because I am a Christian, my highest sense of purpose comes from my Faith. Second is my purpose as a Husband, Dad, and Minister. Thirdly as a Friend, an employee, and to a lesser extent, writer and artist.

Priorities, like a rhyme, have to be in order. When they are, it adds so much value to others, and to ourselves. The song Step in time was like that. Over the course of the film, 12 different lines were inserted at different points, in front of it. To further the plot.

As you take a step in time this January 1, I hope you do it with both reason, and rhyme, or harmony. If you and I will do that this year, then to quote the movie, we’ll see that, “there’s the whole world at your feet.”

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