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Greatest Valentines Day Ever

So today, in a very funny way, was the greatest Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.  First let me say, if you’re not a parent, or a soon to be parent, you may not fully appreciate my joy at the situation.  That being said, we waited 10 long years for the opportunity of experiencing today.

Ashley was sick the day before yesterday, and Nicholas was sick yesterday. He seemed better this morning, so we got ready and went to daycare. We got him out, and everything seemed normal, but we smelled a “Valentine’s Day” present.  We looked down, and everything seemed normal.

Then, I handed him to Mom, and that’s when I looked down at my coat.  Then Mom looked down at her coat.  Momma and Nicholas are on their way home, the tax papers that were in the open outside coat pocket are in a bag to be cleaned, the coats will be laundered, and Momma and Baby will be fine.

It’s my greatest day, because I’m a man God loved so much, that He not only gave me His Salvation, He gave me a beautiful Wife and a beautiful child who I got to hold today. On good days, challenging days, stinky days, and cold days, God is Love, and we are blessed to be loved by Him, and to love our loved ones! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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