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Armed With Gratitude

TheRe is a weapon in your arsenal, that you may not be viewing as a offensive instrument. However, you can be armed with Gratitude, without even realizing the power it wields. It is more than a state of mind, but a weapon in battle.

Gratitude, if kept in the forefront of your heart and mind, will do much more than cause you to say thank you. It will remind you, in the midst of your current struggle, that you’ve experienced victory. It will reinforce that you can again.

Gratitude, or thankfulness, gives you strength in the moments when, your current problem is trying to convince you that you haven’t the strength to fight. Remembering where you were, tells you that where you are, is not as desperate as the lie which struggle is whispering in your ear.

Gratitude also will help to eliminate the feeling of isolation. You didn’t succeed without allies and help in your last problem, you’re not alone now. There is someone in every life, who cares for you. You are not alone!

Gratitude, as selfless as it is, reaps benefits far beyond expectations. It’s a seed planted, but a field harvested. Activating gratitude in your life, will fill the basket of others. They will see your spirit, and it will be contagious in those you impact. Saying thank you today, will bless your family for generations after you.

How do I know, because of a man by the name of Jethro. He was a Midianite, who had been kind to a wandering fugitive named Moses. As a result, his family became part of God’s chosen people, and entered the promise land. I challenge you to say thank you today, not with empty words, but a grateful heart. You’ll find more fullness in it, than you could ever dream!

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