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Miracle Year One

What a year, we’ve held our miracle in our hands for a year now! What we dreamed of, what we were promised, who we longed for, now says Mommy and Daddy, and Hi.

Our little Nicholas walks now, our miracle has five teeth. He brightens up a room with his smile. As amazing as the promise was, the fulfillment is greater.

Oh yes, there are days when we’re tired, there are diaper emergencies, and there’s been tripping over toys. Thank God for tripping over our miracle’s collection of items that make him smile! Our miracle has the most beautiful smile.

Thank God for our living, breathing, music bouncing miracle. Thank God to those He placed in our lives, who placed Nicholas in our hands. Thank God for doing the impossible, so our miracle would become a reality, far greater than what we ever dreamed.

So Happy Birthday #NicholasAsherPruitt! Mommy and Daddy love you more than the stars in the sky, and the depths of the ocean. We love you more than you can imagine. We love you, and love spending every day of our lives being your Mommy and Daddy, and can’t wait for every moment ahead in Miracle Year Two!

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