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Mary Is Trusting

In the last days of Jesus’ Ministry can you imagine the sleepless night’s his Mother Mary must have spent? The news of both the good, miracles He was performing. The need of the bad, those who plotted against Him.

She knew God had a plan, but didn’t know all that He was doing. Mary trusted Jesus was right where He was supposed to be, working exactly as He should, she just didn’t know every movement. All she knew is, Jesus would change the world, redeeming us all.

Doesn’t that sound familiar? We aren’t His Mother, but we are His family. We see the miracles He is performing through all of this. We hear the naysayers, saying what they have since Noah spoke, until the rain fell.

There are things we don’t know. There were things Mary, and Noah before her didn’t know, but they knew the most important thing. God is moving! Jesus is working. Miracles are happening, and lives will be made new!

Easter is coming! Jesus is working! All the detractors will be silenced. We will see morning, in the arms of a Risen Savior!

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