Happy Birthday Ashley

Most know the name Ashley means Ash meadow, but many do not know that the word ash goes back to the word spear. It was considered a reliable source for weaponry. Much like the tree, in my beautiful wife, who’s birthday is today, there is both beauty and strength.

Her beauty takes my breath away, especially when she smiles at Nicholas or I, but it’s her strength that adds another layer of wonder. I’ve watched her endure the pain of multiple surgeries, face heartache with praise raised hands, and trust through tears.

I’ve watched as that trust was not only rewarded by a faithful God, but the praise which happened before and after. I joke with her about her memory, but the important things, she never forgets. She remembers her love for God, family, and the needs of others, even when life attempts to distract us.

One thing I will never be distracted from, is that I married the greatest woman in the world. #NicholasAsherPruitt and I love you Mommy more than you could ever imagine! Happy Birthday!!!

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