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God Made Both Sides Of The River

On each side of a river, there are mountains, valleys, and areas you’ve never been. The same was true of both Abraham and Jacob. The difference was, Abraham crossed towards Canaan, and Jacob crossed towards Laban.

Both were in God’s will. Both had been told to leave where they were, and to go where they had never been. Jacob knee the areas that were new to Abraham, he had grown up around them.

Abraham knee the areas that were only stories to Jacob, he had grown up around them. One was the promised land, the other had a promise in the land for Jacob. Both were part of Israel’s story.

The same is true of Egypt. Moses and Israel escaped Egypt, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus escaped to Egypt. My point is twofold. First, the journey we are on, is only new to us. In some form, travelers have ventured here before. If they made it to their summit, we will see the top of the mountain.

Second, the location, and timing of the journey is no accident. Some have felt that, in the midst of this new normal, we are also returning to some things that we had been told about as children. Like the frugality of our ancestors.

These same frugal people however, it must be remembered, we’re frugal because they sent money to feed the starving across the world. This was true after both world wars. Everything has a purpose, and it’s usually designed to share with others.

Today, we see a horizon forming for the end of this journey. I would advise you to go into the next phase of the trip, equipped with what you’ve learned, but with a readiness to locate the treasures God has waiting for you. Remember God made both sides of the river.

The same God that put milk and honey in Israel, had placed grain in Egypt. The same God who placed Beersheba in Canaan, had placed Leah and Rachel in the house and country of Laban. God had a plan for you before you crossed this river, and He has a plan on the other side of it. Trust God, and journey into the promises ahead!

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