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O, Say Can You See

I’m setting in a hour I didn’t expect to be able to have. A son sleeps on my shoulder that I dreamed, prayed, and longed for, who just celebrated his first birthday. Fifteen surgeries later, my Wife is the happiest Mother in the world.

We had to postpone his party, with everything going on. I saw another couple who got married in a room filled with the photos of the guests that couldn’t attend now. Yet, Nicholas still turned one, and they still got married. Yes there were some adjustments, and many have not been easy, but we are still here.

When this virus situation began, Americans were faced with the very real threat that they may not make it through this alive. When the numbers were announced, it was very possible the casualties could include any of us. Instead, you and I have been blessed with an opportunity to go on.

Instead of debating a, b, or c, can I encourage you to take a moment, and be thankful we were given the hope of another day. Today may not look like you imagined it, and there’s pain with that of course, but we can still see a better tomorrow. America has seen challenging days before, I guess that’s why I love the phrase, “O, say can you see…”

After Valley Forge, through frostbite, and lack of shoes, Washington and his soldiers could still see freedom ahead. Through the smoke of broken ships and devastation, the survivors of Pearl Harbor could still see a victory over the Axis in front of them. After the towers fell at 9/11, we could still see hope from the rubble, and began to rebuild.

Perhaps your today looks different than you expected, and that’s hard. Yet, as The Scripture said, “Blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear.” We can still wake up, and see a new day. We can still hear the birds singing.

We are blessed to be alive. To be engaged with life. Let’s commit ourselves to a better future, by focusing on what we must do today, to see a better tomorrow.

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  • Bishop Spencer McCool

    I just read” O Say Can You See.” I am somewhat of a writer myself and I know good writing when I see and read. I’m also a writer of truth and the truth about this post is that it is absolutely great. It is encouraging, positive, challenging, and uplifting. I was spiritually moved when I read it and I thank you for the inspiration to move on and look for the real blessings during these trying times……More Truth? This was EXCELLENT! God Bless,

    Bishop and Lady J.

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