Mothers Day 2020

Today is Mother’s Day. I’ve been blessed to see so many wonderful mothers in my life. First my Mother Phyllis Pruitt, who loved, taught, and invested in me, and continues to everyday. I guess that’s why we give flowers on Mother’s Day, to show them the seeds they planted in us, through love, patience, hard work, and prayers produced the good in our lives. I Love You Mom more than you could imagine!

Other women who’ve poured into my life, from my Grandmothers, Virginia Ruth Hill and Marie Ball Pruitt. Each so special in their own unique way. I remember prayers, laughter, strength, and adventures.

My favorite Aunt, Jean Taylor, who knew how to make things seem magical, and out of the ordinary. When I think of Christmas, I think of Aunt Jean, also a certain reindeer song. I think of countless things, and I cherish both her, and every one of them.

Then there is Sis GLoria Livingston. Her smile and love not only helped me grow in Church, but like so many others, led, and at times, helped carry us through difficult times in school. Taking the time, not just to explain subjects that I struggled with, but to explain why they came across so confusing.

Sis Joyce McCool, I doubt you and Bishop realize the full impact you’ve had on my life, but it can’t be emphasized enough. You have been a lifeline, a comfort, and a testimony to me in the hardest times of my life. We love you, and love every moment we get to spend with you.

Sis Alonna McCool Livingston I’ve oftened wondered how you could hold your positivity, kindness, and strength through all the battles I’ve seen you overcome. The answer is simply, you are a seasoned soldier of the Cross, knowing when everyone is hurting, how to lift us all as only you can.

Time won’t allow me to mention them all, but I will mention just one more. Ashley Pruitt, It’s her second Mother’s Day, and her little fox got her orange roses. It’s sort of #NicholasAsherPruitt ‘a trademark color. It’s also uniquely from his Momma. You see, it was Ashley who adopted the baby fox as the them for his nursery. It’s also the color of the lollipop the judge gave him on #AdoptionDay.

Honey, you were a Mother before we ever walked into that courtroom. You were a Mother before you ever held him in your arms. You were a Momma when you took care of little ones before you were grown, and then helped them with their children.

You were a Momma when you rejected the reports and believed God was going to give us a child, in spite of what the medical charts, and multiple surgeries said. Today, like so many others, you hear what only faith could make possible, Mom. Or the way Nicholas says it Momomomomom. I love you honey!

To all the Mothers of my life, and to all Mothers, thank you for pouring into our lives. For helping us not only to walk, but to get back up when we fell. In this world, God’s Grace is modeled through the heart, and arms of a Momma.

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