Today We Gather

Today, at Point Of Mercy, we gather to worship. We have glorified God in our homes while we waited for this day. We have felt His Presence through this time, and can’t wait to experience worship again together.

Yes, precautions are taken. Yes we now have multiple services to accommodate the size recommendations during this challenging time. Yet, these challenges do not limit or concern a God Who steered His Church through the adversity of Roman persecution, the Middle Ages, bubonic plague, and two world wars.

Jesus made a declaration, “The Gates Of Hell shall not stand against it”. To Him it wasn’t bold, because God knew He had the power to back it up. This was The God Who touched leprosy, and leprosy was gone. This was The God Who reversed the plans of both death and hell. This was The God Who planned on borrowing a grave for three days and three nights just to let the grave know Who it was dealing with.

Our what’s may challenge us. Our whys may puzzle us. Our how’s may delay us, but our Who will always deliver us! It’s time to worship The God Who knows our name, His name is Jesus!

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