Thank You To The Fighting Brave

When I think of Memorial Day, I think of a farmer with a musket, who became a soldier to become not a colonist, but an American. I think of a conflict in 1812. In my mind I see the soldiers of the Civil War, and Colonel Roosevelt’s RoughRiders at San Juan Hill.

I think of American dough boys as they were called in the forests of France in World War 1. I think of American GI’s who rolled into concentration camps to liberate thousands of Jews, preventing the Nazi goal of the holocaust. I think of those who served in Korea, Vietnam, and so many challenges our fighting brave have answered.

I think of the soldiers who faced the fires of Iraq, the terror in Afghanistan, and of all the families connected with these patriots. To those who serve in uniform, please know that we know, you are the reason we celebrate this day. We will never forget who gave us this time. The smiles, joy, and laughter we’re blessed with daily, came from the blood, sweat, and tears you shed for our liberty.

We will not forget the minute men, or the hours spent in trenches. The days facing things we can’t even imagine. Weeks without one degree of normalcy, or the years spent away from family and home.

Your sacrifice is more precious to us than a day of celebration. For you’ve given us lifetimes of freedom. Today we salute you for your service and sacrifice, Thank you!

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