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I Choose Love

Racism is a mask that hatred hides behind. No matter how you try to dress it up, it’s still the putrid, ugly, opposite of what is Godly and Holy. It must be boldly and loudly stated, there is no room for hatred in the Family Of God!

I’m careful not to write about things beyond my understanding, but in this case, I feel compelled to. You see, I intend to raise our son, to see everyone as equal under God’s Heaven. I don’t understand how someone could hate period, much less on the color of someone’s skin.

To me, that’s like hating someone for the color of their hair. All of us, are made up of different ethnicities, cultures, and heritages. The fact that some have a different color of skin is NEVER a reason for hatred. By the way, if you’re a Christian, God said they’ll know you’re My disciples if you love one another.

When I think of all of the people I consider heroes, or amazing, and brilliant people, I think of such a diverse group of people, races, and nationalities. Theologians, Scientific Geniuses, Patriots, yes, but also, everyday people who simply love each other, work hard, and consistently better the lives around them. In other words, people that I aspire to be like, and the color of their skin doesn’t even play into that.

Love One Another, without exception! That’s the rule God put forth. Anyone who chooses anything else, has chosen something that is the opposite of the Path Of God! This is why I’m completely opposed to the evil of racism. I choose Love!

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