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iPainting The Pullman Car

iPainting The Pullman Car

This iPainting of a classic Pullman car. It was inspired by a book I’m writing. In doing research for the upcoming novella, “Train Ride To Nowhere”,

I drew a sketch of the historic Pullman train car. I have loved trains since I was a child. One day I would love to take a train ride through Colorado, Canada, or on the Orient Express.

When I think of trains, I can’t help but think both of mysteries, and Christmas. We put out a Christmas train every year. Also, who can forget Hercules Poirot, and Murder On The Orient Express.

Of course I also think of images of the Old West, relating to the iron horse. Images of train conductor’s watches, and Grandpa’s Engineer hat come to mind. Lastly of hobos, freight cars, and trips across country. Two artists who tried to recreate this experience were a young James Gurney, and Thomas Kinkade.

Isn’t it amazing how one image can spark so many different pictures in your mind? What idea arrived on your doorstep today you allowed to float by? All ideas may not have legs, but it’s certain those you ignore can’t go anywhere.

Every idea isn’t healthy, so I’m not saying to act on detrimental thoughts of course. What I am saying is, what may seem like a passing fancy, could be a gift from God disguised as just a pleasant thought. There’s a very good reason they use to use the term, a train of thought, see where it takes you!

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