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Thank God For The Problems

Are you like me, and guilty of allowing a problem presenting itself to make you tired?Before getting too weary, perhaps I should consider The Who that allows the problem to arrive? The One Who watches over us through everything. I was recently reminded that, even sickness, can be used to protect and provide for us.

Due to Nicholas being sick a few days, he couldn’t go to Daycare. Please don’t misunderstand, we love to take care of our child, just don’t like him suffering. What I didn’t know was, keeping him home, kept him from possibly greater illness that he could have been exposed to that week.

The verse is often misquoted, it doesn’t say He won’t put on you more than you’re able to bare, it says He won’t allow to be put on you more than you’re able to bare. In other words, God doesn’t cause the issue, He just weighs it before it comes, and says yes or no.

God looked at two problems, a short sickness that would prevent Nicholas from a few days of activities, and something far worse. Since God is no respecter of persons, that means He doesn’t just do this for Nicholas. He does it for you and I too.

How many flat tires have we gotten angry about? I wonder how many wrecks He prevented by allowing a flat tire, or a belt to break in the driveway, instead of on the interstate? Perhaps, instead of getting angry concerning lost car keys, we should thank God for the delay. I wonder how many times He allowed someone else to get the promotion someone wanted; in order to prevent that job from costing them their marriage and their children?

When you view issues through the lens of what we could have faced, it sure changes the way they look. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should rejoice in our problems. I do think we should try harder to be thankful that we’re facing problem a, and not b, or c.

Perhaps, Our Father allowed us to fall on level ground, so we don’t plunge off the side of a cliff later. Nicholas has learned to climb, and we’re trying to prevent him from going over the side of the couch. Suddenly his stumbling over a toy on the floor, is a far less threat than a concussion. Today, let’s not cry over a stumble, and just be thankful it prevented a great fall!

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