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Make Sure Your Pajamas Have Pocket’s

Make sure your pajamas have pockets. With a one year old, there’s always something that we need to pickup. At bed time, the fastest place to put them is your pajamas, if they have pockets.

I’ve found the same is true of ideas. Your brain has storage of course, but it’s not unlimited. Even my wife’s purse, contrary to popular belief, can’t hold everything. You should make sure your have pockets for your ideas.

While writers do this, it’s a good idea for more than authors. Businessmen, artists, and people of all backgrounds bank their ideas. Visionaries realize, they may not can utilize the idea today, but they may be able to use it tomorrow. Walt Disney pursued ideas for years before they ever followed a Disney logo.

Maybe your lifelong dream isn’t either, a fantasy, or something you can accomplish tomorrow. However, you may be able to start putting together the materials now, to pursue it a year from now. The Apostle Paul knew his days were short, but he also planned to reach every soul he could before he laid his sword down for the last time.

At times, God gives us projects for reasons we don’t yet, and may never completely understand. Still, it’s certain, if they are God given, there’s a purpose in them. Thoughts collected, are more often ideas completed, than those we allow to float by.

A smart phone’s note app, a pen and notebook, an audio recorder, by your bed and desk drawer all make great pockets. So are the digital options to catch websites, data tables, and other inspirations. If your a visual person, take a picture, and put it in an idea album on your phone.

When you take them out of your pocket days later, it’s easy to evaluate. You can discard bad ideas, as long as you’ve looked at them objectively. Some thoughts won’t be bad, they’re just not able to be acted on yet. There’s a difference in a vest pocket idea for today, and a back pocket thought for tomorrow.

I purposely don’t but pajamas without pockets, and I try to practice the same theory with brainstorms. No, every idea isn’t a winner, but a forgotten idea is definitely a loser. Pajamas with pocket may cost more, just as it takes a time investment to store ideas, but in both cases, they are definitely worth it.

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