July 25

July 25, on this day kings were crowned, royals were wed, Mozart completed his symphony, and cities were founded. Of course I didn’t know all of that until I looked it up, but I did know some very important things that happened July 25,2009.

On that day, we stood together to become a family. You became a Pruitt, and I became the happiest man in the world. As far as a symphony, you know my lack of any ounce of musical ability, but I do remember our song, Angels brought us here.

For us, those angels were Pastor, Sis, and Brit. The term angels in the outfield comes to mind, because they had to go deep, to keep us from missing one another. I’m so thankful God gave us such special guardian angels.

It’s not quite a city, but we did found a family that day. Now we have a little Prince and his dog to keep us busy. What a wonderful place to be!

On this day, I remember a barefoot wiseman, a nervous groom, and to this day, the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. Happy Anniversary baby! #NicholasAsherPruitt, Patches, and I love you to the moon and back!

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