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As a kid, when it came to entertainment, there were different layers, but at the top were two men, Walt Disney and Jim Henson. I can’t think of many that I put in the same category as those two men. Chalk it up to what you will, but those two men did something that, to me at least, was rarely duplicated.

They didn’t just imagine worlds. They imagined places loved by millions of children. Generations of children. I didn’t understand a lot, but I trusted Uncle Walt, and Jim. I don’t know when I realized Walt had passed, but I remember watching the videos of him talking directly to everyone on the Wonderful World Of Disney.

To this day, I watch Muppet Family Christmas every year, and my favorite scene is at the end when Jim Henson washed dishes. In my own stories, I try to do something they did. I try to share something that is entertaining, but also engages the imagination. Something that, might just be a little unforgettable, I don’t know if I succeed, but I sure love trying.

They didn’t always succeed by the way. They had their failures, or their lessons. They learned from what didn’t work, and they applied that to their next success. It took Walt Disney years to make Mary Poppins, but I think he, and generations of fans would say it was worth it.

Kermit looked different the first time Jim brought him out. Yet, few remember that, all they remember, is the little green frog, and a couple of songs that people from all walks of life can complete the lines too. What failed project are you regretting that may not be a failure at all?

What you view as a failure, may simply be a jigsaw puzzle. I encourage you to take that project, mentally take it a part, and put it back together in a different way. You may find a Kermit in that puzzle. It may be more felt than failure if you look at it right. Who knows, maybe you just need a spoonful of, well you know.

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