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From A Rifle To A Wrench

Two vowels, one consonant, that’s what you have when you abbreviate the United States of America. The USA has always been a country of hard work and action.

Labor Day is designed as a celebration of those every day men and women who work to provide for their family, care for their neighbors, and support their country. They consistently, whether first, second, or third shift, arrive to tackle any obstacle before them. Hard work not only helped build a nation, but to teach generations the importance of each day.

It can be easy to overlook how vital our jobs are. Yet, from the man we buy our coffee from, to the pizza delivery man, 2020 has given us a new appreciation for what they do. For many of us, they may be the only physical contact some have had during quarantine.

This year hasn’t been easy, but at the very least, it’s given us an appreciation of the normal every day commitment to our jobs. I thank God for the opportunity to earn a living in a free land. So thank you to all the Americans who have carried everything from a rifle to a wrench to keep our country going! Happy Labor Day!

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