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Christian Education has been so important to both Ashley’s, and my life. Both of us were blessed to have graduated from Christian Schools. I was blessed to go to Soul’s Harbor Christian Academy, and Lighthouse Christian School as a child. Along with my parents, Sis Gloria Livingston, Bishop Dean Livingston, and Bishop David Peters supported me throughout my education.

Sis. Livingston also supported my education in art. She, even though I was considered too young, fought to get me the Art Paces to encourage my love of drawing. Sis. Gloria Livingston was always a champion, not only for the school, but for the students. Those are not always the same thing.

Now, our Pastor, and her son, Pastor Denny Livingston, is working to establish a Christian school at Point Of Mercy. Sis Alonna Livingston, Pastor’s Wife, and an incredible leader herself, honored me by placing my painting in the school. Nicholas, our son, will be attending this school when he grows up. I mention all this, because of the excitement that the portrait of Abraham Lincoln I painted,will be displayed in the school.

I couldn’t be more honored. To me this is greater than any museum or gallery a painting of mine could be in. Christian education goes far beyond the subjects studied, it speaks first to the Faith we hold dear, but also to the lives that pour into every child.

I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to be a part of both schools. I am who I am because of the lessons learned there, and that goes far beyond the curriculum. I’m so overjoyed that this will be a part of our son’s life, and I can in some small way, share in the legacy of Sis. Gloria Livingston.

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