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Are We Being Kind?

Did you know the word Kind, used by The Lord in Luke 6:35, and Paul In Ephesians, also means employed professionals useful? Kindness is not self serving, rather it is serving of one’s self. Benefiting others, not because it benefits you.

To put it another way, Jesus said all men will know that you’re My Disciples because you have love one for another. Kindness, if tied to being employed is a commercial for God’s Love. What better thing could we broadcast today than that?

Ads are everywhere, from the internet to social media. What are you and I advertising about The Kingdom? Are we doing a good job sharing His Love? Someone needs joy today. A smile they can’t bring themselves to come up with themselves.

I’m not a fan of cute cat videos, they’re just not me, but I love them. Why, because they make someone smile. Someone is crying out for peace. We have God’s peace in our hearts, even in chaos, but if we don’t share it, are we being kind?

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