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Book Review – Eye Witness Miracles

Quote- “This book will connect & bring people to an awareness of the Supernatural Heighten their hunger to acquaint themselves with faith they have that they’ve never allowed to be used.” – Jerry Holland

I believe in God’s power to do the miraculous. I’ve seen Him do some mind boggling things. It’s about here, that most people start thinking of several negative events, or experiences, they may have witnessed. Everyone will tell you, there are counterfeit fifty dollars bills out there, but they will also admit the real ones work very well.

I know what it is to be healed, because I’ve been there. I’ve watched God heal others, and I’ve watched the people He has used. The ones that are real, I knew, some were relatives, some were friends. The ones that are real, always said this, It’s God that did this, not me.

Those God called to work through in prayer, never exalted anyone but God. My Grandfather always taught that, God’s gifts don’t point to the one He’s using, they point to The God that can save us all. That’s why I love both the man Jerry Holland, and the book Eye-Witness Miracles.

He never says he has done anything, but he always explains God has accomplished everything he has been an eye witness too. If you need a miracle in your life, and we all do in some area, I would encourage you to read this book.

I love it, because it not only tells what happened when God did the unexpected, but what happened when it appeared that He didn’t. God’s miracles aren’t on our time table, nor are they always what we expect. Yet, they are always the right thing, at the right time, and are always exactly what is needed.

Whatever you need, whether it’s a healing, a life changing experience, or a touch from a Holy God to restore harmony to your soul, please, read this book. I guarantee, it will change your life. It has mine!

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