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Watercolor Fall Waterfall

This watercolor showcases two things that are beautiful, fall and waterfalls, which have a puzzling name. While there is logic behind there names, I still have a question. How do these two amazing things acquire a name we usually attach bad things too?

Yes, leaves fall, and so does water, but the term fall usually denoted something bad. It’s a lot like our life, some of the greatest events that happen to us, when they occur, appear as a problem. However, like the items in the picture, if we look for them, they can reveal beauty.

What are you facing today? I would like to ask you to consider doing three things. First, is to attempt to view your concern from a different perspective? I’m not talking about a complete solution either, you’ve looked for that already I’m sure. 

What if, instead of looking at what is ebbing higher, turning loose, and rushing out of your life, you look for any possible value which could come out of it? Could you turn one negative, even a small one, into a positive?

I’m not saying this will fix everything, but it will give you something you didn’t have in this situation yesterday, a shimmer of hope.

Second, take that one small positive, and see if there is a way for you to use it to benefit others. It may only be a small win for you, but it could be a bigger win for someone else. Choosing to use your pain to help someone else adds value to them, and to you. It gives birth to hope, reminding you that problems can become stepping stones.

Third, feeding the positive, not only creates a new flow of ideas and possibilities, it changes the color of the issue in front of you. Like the beautiful orange tree, and the rushing waterfall, things that seem horrible, can produce something astonishingly beautiful, depending on where we are viewing them from. 

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