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    Inktober Crawling

    The last Inktober word for this month is Crawling. Living in Nashville, traffic can at any moment, go from fast paced to crawling at any moment. When that happens, you do your best to stay positive. The beauty of being positive in traffic of course is, you think straight. Stress, anger, and taking chances behind the wheel, can have consequences. Being positive off the road can keep you out of hot water too. May the rest of your 2020 be positive, regardless of whether your schedule is fast paced, or crawling.

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    The Walrus – A Children’s Story

    This little story is dedicated to my niece Ana. The walrus figurine sat in the little China shop in the window. It wasn’t exactly beautiful, but it wasn’t ugly. Ana fell in love with it the moment she saw it. “Grandma I want the walrus.” It wasn’t a practical gift, not for a five year old. Yet Alyssa reminded herself, parents have to be practical, grandparents get to be heroes. They left the store with a very carefully wrapped porcelain walrus on white snow. It was placed on a shelf in Ana’s room, where she could see it, but just out of reach. “Grandma I want to hold it. It’s…

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    Writing, Characters

    All writing involves characters, whether fact or fiction. Just as life, writing is made up of people. People are drawn to people, even if those people are fictional. Today, let’s discuss characters. Name a piece of writing, from any age, any genre, real or imagined, and within the first two pages, you’ll meet someone. The challenge is, will the person you meet be interesting enough to go with them all the way to the final page? Some characters are so interesting, we meet them again in many other books.  How you do write a character? While there are many ways, let me share with you mine. Usually, I have a…

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    Inktober Ominous Test

    Today’s word for inktober is Ominous. Tests can be ominous, especially if they take you unaware. I’m not a fan of pop quizzes, in school, or in life. However, to see what you’ve learned, there’s nothing better than a test. Most people don’t argue that when you’re talking about Math, they do when you’re talking about our every day. Compassion, patience, and kindness are not tested when the skies are blue, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing. They’re tested when it’s pouring the rain, you’ve got a cold, and you just want to go home, and someone needs you. What are you going to do? Are you…

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    Taxi Writing

    You’ve made a list, you wrote 500 words. You’ve already taken the first steps towards writing, you’ve written. Ask yourself three questions. First, did you enjoy it? Yes, it can be intimidating, yes it can be challenging, but did you enjoy, either the act of writing, or having written? If the answer is yes, then you know you want to go forward. If the answer is no, before you put down your pen, let me ask you question two. This question is really the important one. Is the subject you’re writing about important enough to write, even if you don’t enjoy the process? If the answer is no, you’ve still…

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    Inktober Shoes In Progress

    Today’s word was shoes, but there is a lot of work that goes into making shoes. I decided to show shoes in progress. Just as with our shoes, the steps we take each day, and in life, make who we are. I believe that when we listen, God orders our steps. He has a plan for us all, but He will not force His way. I’ve found though, when I go His way, my steps always lead to a better place.

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    Writing, Five Or Six Paragraphs

    We talked yesterday about the dream of writing, and some of the issues that can keep us from it. I understand, I’ve been there, and I get it. I also have written over thirty books now, it’s much easy than it looks like when you’re starting with an empty page. If you made a list yesterday though, you’ve already started, if not, you may have a mental list of what you want to write. The next step is not to write a whole book in one setting, a chapter, or even a page. All you have to do is write 500 words. I know that seems like a lot, until…

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    Dreaming To Write

    I’ve never met Lincoln, Dickens, or Churchill, but I’ve read their words. In that way I know them. Who knows you, who will know you years from now? This is why I’m passionate about writing, specifically writers. I’ve written over thirty books, I love to write. More importantly, I love to encourage others to write. Everyone has knowledge that is unique, in the sense of how it arrived to them. That knowledge can help someone who doesn’t know what they do. Before you say, anyone can do what I do, let me ask you something. Can a baby walk before someone teaches them? Just because others have done it, doesn’t…

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    Acrylic Pachyderm

    I wanted to share my latest acrylic, Pachyderm. I love both elephants and lions. To me they are symbols of God’s creativity. He not only made them unique, He made them powerful, but at the same time they can be caring, and loving, and warm. We all have the potential to seek to be what He created us to be. We just have to listen to The Creator, to achieve what He is calling us too.