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My Current Palette

So my favorite traveling watercolor tin had worn so that it wouldn’t stay closed. When it’s the one you keep in your backpack, that’s a problem. I had got tired of adding tape each time. So I took a similar tin, not so worn, and moved my colors to it. 

In the process, I was able to add two more pans, bringing my travel palette to 14 colors. The colors already in my palette were great, but these definitely add something. How long has it been since you’ve added something to your mental palette?

The danger of getting older isn’t the aches and pains to me. It’s the settling in the past. I’ve seen people that, mentally, seem to have stopped learning and growing. Now, I’m not talking about suddenly changing your wardrobe, or embracing some mid life crisis corvette.

Just talking about things like, do I still open an encyclopedia to learn something new? Do I watch some things besides my favorite show to improve my skill set. By the way, I’m not just talking about painting, I’m talking about whatever we do.

For example, I’ve only been a husband for fourteen years. Am I still trying to learn, or am I going through the same motions I did at eight years? If the answer is yes, then I’ve got some learning to do. If the answer is no, I’ve still got some learning to do.

So I challenge you to learn something new today, about something. One new thought will generate others. It’s a great way of improving your mental landscape, and will add a touch of color to those around you!

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