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iPainting Eagle On Ocean

I love Eagles. This one was painted using Procreate. Of course when I think of Eagles, I think of the USA, and no I do not get into politics. A lot of people are like this Eagle on the ocean right now. They see shadows, and shifting waves, and no one knows where everything is going to land.

I will say this though, the shifting waves and shadows may reflect the Eagle, but they do not define it. It’s outline affects them, not the other way around. Regardless of what happens, we are still the country that everyone counted out in 1776.

We’re still the country where a log splitter became the Great Emancipator. Also, we’re still the country who saw farm boys, hicks from Tennessee like me, and people from Maine, California, and Iowa defeat Hitler. Men like Neil Armstrong, Jackie Robinson, and women like Helen Keller and Ella Fitzgerald. This great Eagle on the ocean, will surprise you, and soar higher than you may ever expect.

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