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I Remember The Night

Thirty two years ago tonight, my best friend Lucian and I received The Holy Ghost while Bishop Spencer McCool was preaching a Revival. Now, for those who are not believers, they ask what does that mean. It means, that God came into my life in a very real, and present way.

That doesn’t mean that battles are easy, it doesn’t mean that some days are not hard, but it does mean that I’m never alone. When I don’t understand, I have His hand to hold me. When I don’t know where to go, I have His guidance to lead me. Whenever my world is shaken, He is the tower that protects me.

Over those thirty two years, I’ve been called to the Ministry. I’ve moved to a new region, I’ve married, we went through the struggle to become parents, and I became a Father. During all of these things, there was uncertainty about the situation, but I knew that God would never fail me.

Because of my Faith, I have a bride to hold hands with. Because of my Faith, I have a child to hold. Because of my Faith, He holds me through the storms of 2020. I believe that we didn’t get here by an accident. I don’t think we’re a few generations from amoebas. I can’t see how civilizations rose without someone hanging the stars in place.

If you’re reading this, and you agree that the odds of us getting here by accident are too astronomical, then that means someone set us here. If someone set us here, the question is Who. I would point you to the only empty grave that is still empty after over 2,000 years.

Christ is Who He claims to be. This world didn’t get here by accident, and neither did you. His desire is to give us all life, and hope, just as He gave me all those years ago. This world is full of uncertainty, but some things are certain. God loves you, He loves us all, and He will do for you what He has done for me, if we only ask!

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