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Season The Season

For me, the smell of November is sage, not pumpkin spice. When Mom would buy the sage, I knew what was coming. Isn’t amazing how things like that can triggered memories.

These two months mean so much to me. They’re a reminder of a time when the world seemed to be nicer, or at least place their troubles on a shelf. Whether it’s the orange and yellow of November, or the red and green of December, everything seems more colorful.

Many are quick to say there are still problems, and I don’t argue with that, but I would encourage you to be thankful for the good. Positivity has a way of giving birth to ideas, which help make things better. Just like the spice sage, you can season any problem by adding kindness.

So especially in 2020, look for joy this season. It will brighten your day. It will add warmth to your heart, and help heal make some much needed pleasant memories for us to remember fondly in the future.

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