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Writing Paragraphs

The word paragraph means to write beside, it’s the basic structure of writing projects. It’s been that way for thousands of years. Three or more sentences make up a paragraph, this is the vehicle of ideas, when it comes to writing.

Some people are intimidated at the thought of writing a book, that’s why the 500 words idea is so captivating. What gives it structure though, is the paragraph. It allows you to follow a pattern which builds your writing.

In a paragraph, you set forth an idea, give it shape, and lead into your next paragraph. I’m not a grammar teacher, but I know that no matter how scattered my thoughts, when it’s time to edit, I can move words around, and paragraphs up or down.

I personally try to keep my paragraphs between three to five sentences, when possible. The important thing is, within your paragraph, to stick to your thought. This way, you connect with the reader, and they understand where you’re taking them enough, to read the next paragraph.

Writers worry about our writing being brilliant, most readers just want it to be clear. If it’s clear, it connects. When it connects, it opens the door for more.

Connecting with people, is what writing is really about. It’s far less intimidating when you look at words and paragraphs, as opposed to books. We read a word and paragraph at a time, why not write that way. It’s not only easier, it makes your writing better. Let’s talk more tomorrow, for now I hope you enjoy writing your words today.

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