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Writing, Serving The Reader

Why write, because it is a means of transferring ideas from your brain to paper. Just the act of getting them out from between your ears, brings them a step closer to reality. Ideas have united empires, built fortunes, and changed the future of the world.

No, not every idea is a like a certain mouse who built one of the largest companies in American history, but keep this in mind. When he started out, that little creature was just a few pencil marks on a sheet of paper. Don’t measure the size of your idea by how it starts out.

A seed is small until it’s planted and nurtured. Your idea may not make you a household name, but it could impact households. As a result, you want to convey it in the best possible way. One way of doing that, is to ignore the temptation to use big words.

It’s tempting to try and impress your readers, don’t fall for it. Many times, readers don’t even consider the author when they begin the book. They’re not interested in the person on the back inside cover. They’re interested in the idea. Be careful not to get in your own way as a writer.

Even Mark Twain was only Samuel Clemens until people liked his stories. People don’t want to be impressed. Serve your readers first, and it will serve you well later. After all, the impact isn’t that the reader knows your name at the end of the book, but that they were impacted by what you’ve said.

Beyond using words that are easily communicated, approach your writing as a servant. In addition to the fact that this type of writing is about them and not you, it’s more rewarding. View your ideas as a recipe that they can follow. The more complicated the recipe, the less chance they’ll buy the ingredients.

However, if you use clear language, write for the reader, and make it interesting, you will captivate your audience. This is important, not to make you successful, but to make the idea successful. If the idea is successful, then in turn you will be too.

The question arises then, what is success as a writer? I have to tell you, if you are looking at it from a monetary point of view, consider this. Having written will open doors of opportunity, which can be financially profitable, don’t expect to get rich off the book sales alone. Most writers will tell you, the book is a platform, not a destination.

With that being said, I don’t write to make a million dollars. I write because, first I enjoy writing, but I also enjoy serving others. If, in some small way, my words can bring a smile, touch a heart, or strengthen someone’s faith, then every keystroke is worth it to me. That is a reward in and of itself.

Others view writing as a success when the book is a long lasting influence. Some books are in print for decades, others return to print after decades. However, even a book that goes out of print, can find it’s audience. If one reader loves your idea, then you have served someone well.

As you write your 500 words today, think about the impact you want your writing to have. Will it bring a smile, will it’s laughter reduce stress for someone else? Or perhaps it will teach someone something they could never have learned on their own. What you are doing when you write, is valuable, as long as it’s goal is to serve the reader, and not the writer.

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