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Writing Four

Though we started before November 1st, if you just started your #Nanowrimo attempt on November 1, you’ve written something for at least four days. Either way, I’d like to give you four things to focus on in your writing.

First, simply enjoy writing. Don’t get so fixated on the finished work, that you don’t enjoy writing. Writing is a wonderful way of releasing stress, putting ideas on paper, formulating them, and communicating them to others. Sometimes in a way you couldn’t otherwise.

Second, think but don’t overthink. When you’re on a road trip, you make sure you follow the directions to get to where you’re going, but you have to pay attention along the way for a tree in the road. In other words, when you write, you begin to form an idea of where you’re going, and that’s good. However, resist the temptation to hurry through one area to get to the other. It weakens your writing.

Third, if an idea comes to you, jot it down. You may not have the ideal conditions to write a long time, or in a convenient place. However, capture three or four words on your phone or a piece of paper to revisit later, ideas don’t always come back. One writer who was a full time stay at home Mom, would write ideas on a napkin, and stuff them in a drawer. She’d revisit when the kids were settled.

Fourth, only count your 500 words for the current day. Don’t check your word count each day, maybe only once or twice a week. This way you’re primary focus is on what you are writing, not on everything.

Obviously all of these things are tied to one idea. Write today, knowing tomorrow is coming, but writing now will help complete tomorrow. See you tomorrow with some more writing encouragement.

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