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Adoption Day 2020

A year ago today, we walked into a courtroom to complete the adoption process. We had been blessed to have been with him from the day he was born. Ashley and I love being his parents, and while that day only made the paperwork official, it gave us something so wonderful.

It was more than the ceremony, though we’ll never forget his suit, the judge, and that Big Orange lollipop. We will always remember Nana, Papaw, Aunt Kim, and Aunt Nikki being there. What I didn’t realize that very special day, is what it would do for us a year later.

Because of the pandemic, it was just the four of us, #NicholasAsherPruitt, Ashley, me, and Patches on his birthday. So, while 2020 is still unusual, we get to celebrate again today, both his birth, and his adoption. We are so grateful that we were given the miracle of adoption.

Illness, surgeries, and a hysterectomy said no. Financial barriers said don’t even think about it. God, and some precious angels said yes. Because He did, and they did, we are Nicholas’ parents. Always remember, God will say yes, but so many times, He will do it through His people’s voice.

For those who are waiting for their answer, just as we had been, for years, I would like to encourage you. Your hope is not false, your dream is not a figment of your imagination. God can do the impossible. I know, because every morning, a little boy says My Dada.

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