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Writing, Healing

Journaling is considered by many experts to be highly beneficial. They will tell you that there is healing for the writer, in putting on paper the events of their life. Experts will also tell you that readers have experienced emotional healing through things they have read. Victor Frankel, Stephen Covey, and so many more have helped people deal with challenges through the words they’ve written.

Whether you are writing fact or fiction, your writing can do this too. It’s easy to convince those who are writing non fiction of this, but let’s stay on fiction for just a moment. From Scripture, to Ancient Rome, down to today’s philosophers, they will tell you that laughter itself can heal wounds.

Whether it’s a children’s story, or an old comedy, the qualities in them are that they bless people. You’re writing can do the same, for you and others. It doesn’t have to be philosophical to be great literature, it simply has to be needed. A word in due season is cherished, whether it’s wisdom or a joke, if it helps someone.

I remind you of this, so you’ll keep writing. It’s day 5, and a lot of people stop after a few days. If writing isn’t for you that’s completely fine, but I would ask yourself this. Have I felt better after writing? Will my words help someone in some way? If the answer to either is yes, I encourage you once again, to keep writing. See you tomorrow.

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