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Writing, Weekly Review

Whether you started writing in the first of November for #Nanowrimo, or joined us for the jumpstart in October, you’ve written a lot. If you’ve written 500 words for the last six days, you are at 3,000 words already. While it’s not time to edit just yet, it is time for a weekly review.

First, and I do want to stress this, I would avoid editing at this point. You are still in your rough draft, and editing before you’ve completed it can be like trying to mow grass seed. You don’t want to damage your momentum by being overly critical at this stage.

I would advise to review your word count, because this builds your momentum. It points out that you are well on your way to a completed piece of writing. If you have already written 3,000 words in six days, think of what you’ll complete in thirty days.

After six days, you do want to ask yourself three questions. Have I completed the idea enough to wrap up the first chapter? If so, that means that you are either starting on, or near starting your second chapter. That is another writing milestone which should be celebrated. Doing this will fuel you forward.

The second question is, what do I want to say in my next few days? This gives you ideas on where you want to build on for the next few days. Remember, you’re not editing, just remembering what you’ve written, and looking ahead to what you want to say next.

Third, ask yourself this, do I need to introduce a character, or person to help tell my story? If so, avoid the assumption mistake. Don’t assume the reader knows the person you’re talking about.

Describe them briefly, but clearly, and then go on with your writing. You can flesh them out in the next draft, but give yourself a road map to revisit. This will make any revision easier, and help the reader to know who you’re referring to.

A brief review of your writing each week can give you a plan for the next week’s writing. Avoid the mistake of editing, you’re not evaluating your writing, only gleaning information. Allow it to fuel your forward, they’ll be plenty of time to edit when the rough draft is done. For now, review, learn, and keep writing. See you tomorrow.

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