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Writing, The Moon

They may seem a world away, but Writers, your readers are out there, it’s like what happened this morning. My wife woke up at three a.m., from a bad dream. A little upset, she decided to clean the house. When Nick and I got up she had been cleaning for hours. In a few minutes, the toys and books were all over the floor.

What does this have to do with writing, it’s like what happened next. One of those books Nick pulled out was his moon book, which he loves. His Momma has always loved the saying “I love you to the moon and back.”

You see, earlier in life Ashley wanted to be a nurse, but ended up working for the state. It was her moonshot. She thought she had missed her opportunity, until our son. Her job helped make the time to Arizona for the adoption possible. She’ll tell you she made it to the moon. A lot of people want to write the great American novel, and that’s wonderful, but sometimes the most important writing is unexpected.

Your dreams of writing are incredibly important, they’ve gotten you this far. However don’t overlook the possibility that your writing is meant, not for the masses, but a specific group. What they call niche writing is simply having the right audience for your writing.

In many cases, it may be children’s stories. In some cases it may be a biography. For some it may be writing for your family. You don’t know yet, and that’s ok, it’s not time to decide. I only want to encourage you to be open to any style, genre, or format of writing.

Shoot for the moon, but remember you’ve never been there before, so be open to possibilities. You may find yourself there in a totally different vehicle than first expected. However I can guarantee you, when you’re truly impacting your readers, it’s moonbeams and starlight.

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