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Writing, Next

Many of you are now in your second chapter, either in writing, or your career. I just saw an interview about an artist who was 101, with plans to paint something next. Your next can vary, just like the genre, but what we all share, is the desire to do something next.

Notice I said, next, not new. Often our next thing isn’t a new thing. It may be new to us, but it doesn’t even have to be that, to be exciting. Most successful writers have written from their experiences, while writing about it maybe, the memories aren’t.

The point is, next doesn’t have to be new, neither does your idea. Some have said I want to write a children’s book, but it reminds me too much of a, b, or c. My response is that’s ok, right it down. Obviously don’t copy a work, but don’t worry about influences. Everyone is influenced, and yet an idea can still be original.

For example, my favorite comic book character was influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci, Sherlock Holmes, and Zorro. However he’s still in mind the most unique comic book character of all. An idea is like a memory, it is made up of the influences of the people and things around us. Writing is a written down idea, so it too will be a mixture of influences, and that’s okay.

For now, don’t worry about how original your writing may be, don’t worry at all if possible. Write, and enjoy. They’ll be time to tweak, edit, and rewrite later, for now I would like to encourage you to keep writing.

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