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Writing, Turkey

Writing can be like a Thanksgiving Turkey. It can be prepared with love and care, watched carefully through the process, and come out golden. Or it can be thrown together, tough, half defrosted, and turn out dry.

The secret isn’t only in the recipe, but the actions, and mindset of the cook. Attitude in the kitchen, and the writing chair is as important an ingredient as anything else. Also of importance is steps you take ahead of time.

Beyond the metaphor, are some concrete ideas. First, have any ideas that have come to you collected in some way. Whether it’s a shoebox or a file, keep them handy.

Second, have a comfortable place to write. It doesn’t have to be convenient. It doesn’t have to be ideal, but it needs to be somewhere you are comfortable writing. Most won’t stay where they are uncomfortable.

Third, take some time to think about what you have written, not as an editor, but how you will use it as a springboard forward. Don’t edit, but think about it. Percolating on your idea, post, or book will help produce new ideas for your next writing session. Going to write with an idea, even a sliver of one, is a lot easier than going with none at all.

It’s a funny analogy, but it’s very true. Every writing project can produce something beneficial, as long as you take a few steps, before and after. Mentally reviewing yesterday’s writing session, will help keep today’s from coming out half baked.

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