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The Beaver Egg – A Story Of Adoption

November is very special to our family, it’s Adoption Awareness Month. It’s also the month that our son’s adoption was finalized. This story is dedicated to all the families blessed by adoption.

Ed and Julie Beaver loved children, they longed for a little cub of their own. All of the other beavers had little ones, except for Ed and Julie. They didn’t understand at first, but then they prayed a simple prayer. They prayed it for a lot of nights.

One evening, there was a knock outside their home. When they opened it, no one was there, except for an egg. They took the egg inside, and put it in blankets, and waited. 

A few days later, the egg hatched. When it did, Julie thought it was beautiful, even though she didn’t know what he was. He had a little beaver like tail, and fur, but a bill like a duck. She loved him instantly.

Ed had read a lot, and he had a book on Australia. “He’s a Platypus, though how a Platypus ended up in Oregon, I don’t know.”  

They named the little platypus Nicholas. “You are our gift from God.” The other beavers were so happy for Ed and Julie, and fascinated by Nicholas. 

Nicholas grew up knowing he was both loved and adopted, knowing that he was an answer to prayer. Momma would always say to her little platypus.  “God always planned for us to be a family, we just had to wait for His promise to hatch first.” 

Nicholas was a very special child. Everyone around him could see that great things were ahead of him. His parents loved him so very much. Nicholas knew God had something very important for him to do, and while he didn’t know what that was yet, he spent each day doing everything as best he could. 

His Mom and Dad taught him how to swim, and build. To help others, even when it wasn’t easy. Also, to always be kind to everyone he met. Nicholas was a good listener, to his parents, and to others.

One day, when he was a grown platypus, there was a terrible storm. There was a flood, which affected the highway. A truck headed to the aquarium went off the road. While the driver climbed to safety, the animals inside were trapped. 

Nicholas dove into the water, and managed, with his Dad and Mom’s help, to get the rear door of the truck opened. They were able to help the animals inside escape just in time. There were otters, fish in containers, and even a girl platypus named Penny. Nicholas was a hero, which was no surprise to his parents. 

All children are special, not because of ability, beauty, or talent. They are special because they are given by God. The wonderful thing is, every parent, whether carried in the stomach, or the womb of the heart, thinks their child is the greatest.  God never argues with this, because He designed it that way.

Julie and Ed had always known their son was special. From the moment God gave them Nicholas, they were in love with him. They  never did find out how the egg arrived at their door. This was probably because they didn’t try, not that there is anything wrong with that, but the only answer they needed was held in their arms. Nicholas’ parents didn’t have to know anything, except that God had always intended for them to be a family.

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