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How do you put in words your own life’s story? Maybe it’s a specific event, or a period of growth, success, or even pain. I would start with giving the reader an idea of why you want to share.

For example, we as you may know by now, are proudly adopted parents of our son Nicholas. So we want people to know how wonderful adoption has been in our life. As well as how much we treasure our little boy. It’s our hope someone else will make adoption part of their lives.

I share our struggles beforehand. We tell of how our faith sustained us through it all. I walk people through the adoption process, but most importantly, I share how it was worth every moment. We’re the first to tell you, we would not change one second of our story, because it gave us Nicholas.

In writing life, whether the happiness or the struggle, I would encourage you to give readers hope. I believe this is one of the greatest gifts a writer can share with their readers.

Even if you are writing about a dark time in your life, or a current struggle, share hope. The hope that either brought you out, or the fact that you are in this to win. If you’re not to the finish line yet, let them see a teammate who is leading them into the winner’s circle.

Writing life from this perspective, not only provides hope, but gives the reader a road map. You are saying this is how I arrived at a better place. Your path may show them the steps that they had not seen for themselves.

This year especially, people are in need of examples of victory. They want someone to whisper you’re going to be okay, and here’s how to help get there. Writers share your experience, give the gift of hope, someone is waiting to read it into their very own story.

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