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Writing, Simply

Writing should speak to the reader, and not seek to impress the reader with ten dollar words. Ten dollar words cost more than you think, and they’re almost always at the expense of the writer. It’s not that the reader doesn’t know the words, it’s the implication behind them.

My Uncle used to take a couple of big bills, and wrap them around a large number of one dollar bills. This was designed to impress, the problem hit when you discovered how little it all added up to. Writing simply in plain English, connects with your readers, tells your story, and can turn out to be a masterpiece.

There is a reason that we love both A Christmas Carol and Huckleberry Finn. Each writer wrote quote unquote more sophisticated stuff, but these two simple masterpieces have touched lives around the world. These men didn’t write to show off their brilliance, they wrote to entertain and inform the reader.

How to write simply goes beyond not using impressive words. It’s about the spirit behind the words, serving the reader. When you make your writing, even your story, about the reader, you make a friend. Friends return often to visit.

Simply writing also doesn’t mean you can’t cover complex concepts, only that they should be communicable. The reason children fall in love with something complex as science, or adults who hated history class love documentaries, is because they’re told not in academic language, but as a communicable story. If you write simply, you will find yourself writing at a higher level than ever before.

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