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Every craft person has their tools, some are conventional, some are unique to them. Writers are no different. There are tools that are used by writers of all kinds, and then there are some that are very personal.

Each writer will find a routine that works for them. Some people can write anywhere, others need a specific place to write. I will say, having a specific location is like a jumpstart to your writing. However, others are less connected to a place, and more a state of mind.

If you are able to find a place to write, it will almost always go better. Even if a place doesn’t matter as much to you. It sets you up to be productive, and to be able to only focus on the writing.

I love using my iPad to write, but have written many things on my phone. In addition to having a best writing setup, have a field setup. Find an app, a physical notepad, or something you can jot ideas on. Save your ideas somewhere, treat them like bits of your favorite foods, they are that valuable to your writing future.

I mentioned it above, but my iPad is my favorite way to write. I love it, others can’t stand a keyboard. Many still write with an old fashioned legal pad and ink pen. Others use a laptop or desktop. Some still use a typewriter. Many have found recording audio the best way to write. Find what works for you.

Other tools are more unique. I’ve heard Agatha Christie used to act out every character to plot her books. I don’t know if she did, but in my mind I could see her in the kitchen or library waving her arms and trying her best accent for the Belgian detective.

For myself, one of the ways that I work is two or three totally separate ideas tend to merge together in an unexpected way. They may not be recognizable in the story itself, but those idea merges have sparked some of my favorite writing projects. At the same time, you want to avoid your tools going from routine to rut.

Try to introduce new things into your writing process regularly. This will not only keep your writing from being boring, it will keep you from being bored with your writing. Also remember, tools are wonderful, but they are still tools. Don’t get so attached to an old tool that you don’t at least try a new one.

New tools can be frustrating, but they will also add new elements to your writing. They can take you into areas you never dreamed of. Writing should never be something that you feel you’ve mastered, it should always be a subject you’re learning about. This is true whether you’ve written one book, or thirty. There is always more to learn, and new tools to explore in your writing.

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