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Some of the most important writing, is sharing steps with someone. Whether they leadership steps, instructions to construct something, or time management steps, how they’re written is very important. Dry steps, overly dramatic steps, or worst of all, unclear directions, can cause a reader to abandon both the project, and your advice.

First, if you are writing anything, I believe in keeping it from being boring, but it shouldn’t be a trilogy either. I would encourage you to be interesting, yet concise.

Second, make the application clear. My Pastor taught me, no matter how amazing the idea, if you don’t provide application for the listener, you’ve let them down. Give the reader simple steps to follow, whether it’s putting together a Christmas toy, or a rocket ship. Especially if it’s a Christmas toy actually.

Third, be encouraging, not condescending. When you’ve accomplished something, at least in writing, it’s easy to come across the wrong way. This will turn your readers off. Expertise is wonderful, and will be sought out. The wrong attitude, even if only perceived will cause them to ignore the good you’ve shared.

These three simple steps will help you make any task clear. If they have questions, give them clear answers, in an intriguing way, and say it with the reassurance that they can accomplish it. This will make writing tasks, yours and their own, much easier for all to achieve.

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