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Writing, Thanksgiving

Whether you’re writing a Thanksgiving story, or writing about gratitude, there’s a few things to keep in mind. First, take care the tone of the piece. While helping your readers to find the joy, and be thankful, be careful not to sound critical. They’re already reading your piece because they want to view their lives positively, so avoid the danger of a condescending tone.

Second, whether a story or a inspirational piece, I would encourage you to not take the obvious path. It’s alright to be sentimental, but try and do so in a unique way. You can include all the traditional elements. It can be nostalgic, or even a little cheesy if it calls for it, but make the story your own.

For example, you can tell a story about how a family came together to celebrate Thanksgiving, only try and take a different path to get to the sentiment. If your story involves a ruined turkey, rather than have it not defrost or burnt, have the refrigerator catch fire the night before. It’s not about being different for different’s sake, but presenting in an interesting way.

Third, and perhaps the most important, end the story at a point of joy. Gift the reader with a feeling of being blessed. Show them love for yesterday, happiness in their present, and hope for tomorrow.

Writing Thanksgiving is about first being thankful yourself. It’s been a hard year, but in it babies were birthed, people found love, and new ideas were embraced. Writing about the joy you found in your corner of 2020, may help your readers turn the corner. When a writer can serve readers in this way, both the author and audience can be thankful for the experience.

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