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Writing, Keep Going

Some began writing at the start of November for the novel writing challenge that is Nanowrimo. Others have been writing in some form for years. If you’ve been able to write everyday this month then that is wonderful, if you’ve missed some time, it happens to us all. The most important thing, is to keep writing.

Those days you missed may have been days to our mind needed a break, or they may have just been life stuff. Either way, today is a new day. Writing can be as simple as putting words together until you make a sentence, matching them up to fill up a paragraph, and adding them to fill a page. While it’s true that not every writing will be a masterpiece, they are not wasted either.

With every written word, your adding to your experience. Also, an idea that didn’t turn out can be revisited. Just as unused, or stale bread can make great croutons, so can writing projects that didn’t turn out as expected. I have personally reworked many of my writing failures into successful pieces. However if I hadn’t kept them somewhere, I wouldn’t have had them to return too.

A friend of mine doesn’t care for raw onion, but he loves sautéed onions with certain dishes. He doesn’t throw onions away, he just finds the best use for him. Don’t throw away your writing, or an idea because it didn’t turn out as expected.

I would encourage you to keep writing, and not to ever give up. Whether you have a novel at the end of thirty days, or you’ve written enough to make writing easier, you’ve been successful. If medical students can take years to become brain surgeons, writing can be learned also. Both are achievable, with time.

The thing you were also successful in this month is that you made time to write. Writers, keep going, your dream is more tangible than ever before. Making time was something acquired through desire, habit, and consistency. That skill can be maintained to the final page of your story, whether it’s November 30, or March 12.

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