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Hope in 2020

Everyone agrees this year has seen enormous trials, what may be missed are the triumphs. Somewhere the hungry were fed in 2020. There are stories of rescued lives, and even fortunes made. Just as did the depression, this year will produce success stories.

At other times in history, symphonies played in concentration camps, lives were rescued in war zones. People who had no hope of recovery, lived to see their grandchildren. Heartache shouted in every year prior to 2020, but hope whispered it is possible.

We may not be to that chapter yet, but we will get there. Wherever you are in 2020, I want to encourage you. Your struggle has been hard, but you’re victory can be sweeter, even in 2020.

I don’t know your story, everyone’s circumstances are different, but I would suggest three things. Look for unusual opportunities, solutions that may seem unconventional. The unusual can become a unique and successful enterprise.

Second, continue to dream. Survival is important, but never let it be your only goal. For a time it may need to be your primary focus, but always keep a dream jar filled with hope. It will comfort you in hard times, propel you forward, and facilitate your future. I mean by this that it will help navigate your course for tomorrow.

Third, celebrate the good. Even if it’s as simple as a cup of coffee, or that you didn’t burn the bread. Any happiness should be encouraged, and built on. These moments are the memories you cherish when you look back on where you came from.

Don’t allow this pandemic to chart your path. 2020 may have affected our today, but it doesn’t have to deny us our tomorrow. Take this week, be thankful for where you are, where you were, and pray for direction in where to go next. We can see great things ahead if we look for them.

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