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Writing, Build

Great writers build. Some of the best writers I have ever read, praise others in their books. Whether it’s sharing another author, a quote, or a lesson taught them by someone else, they lift up others. Writing should not be all about us, it should be about others.

The first other is the reader. Fact or fiction, the story you tell should enrich others. Giving them something that either empowers, encourages, or entertains them serves the reader. While this will in turn bless the writer, it should be done for the good of the reader. Focusing on others will always produce greater results.

The second other are those who have poured into you. If someone has taught you something, and you’re given the opportunity, don’t just pass it on. Point to the person who taught you. They can in turn teach others.

The last other is the ones you’re writing for. Every writer desires to write, but it should become something you can give your loved ones to hold onto, even if distance separates you. I know a Father who started a blog for his kids, and even though there in college, they can read his words when separated.

I no longer write only for myself, I write for those I love. It’s my hope that something God has given me, for I am a person of faith, will bless a life I love. Whether that’s today, tomorrow, or forty years from now.

Writing for others will of course bless you. It will fuel you forward. It will give you a reason to overcome obstacles, and complete your work. It will remind you that there is more to life than words, and in turn it will put life into your words. A heart that beats for others blesses everyone, especially the one with that heart.

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