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Writing Daily

Some people are wonderful at journaling, it may or may not surprise you that I am not. If it’s a writing project, fact or fiction, that comes easier to me. Daily writing about my life does not. I’m sure one factor for this is the practice that journalists have cultivated, which ironically is the same practice that writers attempt in their books, writing daily.

Writing daily though, when it comes to your writing project, can help you complete your book in a way other things can’t. Even if you feel that day’s attempts are not as good as others, it will give you a road to pave later. Roads don’t start with a paved surface, they start with a path. Your daily writing is a path to improve on later.

Speaking of journaling, I know a friend who journaled for decades, and because of this, he wrote his first book in three weeks time. Whether you journal or not, he had a place to mine his ideas from. While I don’t journal, I do bank ideas. This means on a day when I want to write, I have somewhere to pull from.

As you get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, you may not have the ability to write daily, others will have more time. Either way, I would encourage you to continue to collect ideas, in a form that works for you. There are a lot of different tools for this, we’ve talked previously about a few, find the ones that work for you.

Daily writing, whether a project, a journal, or a quick note for later, will maintain your writing muscles, provide a path for the future, and will keep your mind engaged creatively. This will be an added blessing in unexpected areas of your life. Consistent writing in some form, doesn’t only fill books, it fills lives with interesting opportunities.

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